• Industrial Facilities : Lot 46-47 zone d'activité Ain El Bia BP 393 - Arzew


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Located in the business area of ​​Arzew, exactly in Aïn El Bia, the industrial complex BYA consists mainly of four large production units:
  • CKD electronic manufacturing unit
  • SKD electronic assembly unit
  • Mechanical unit, intended for the manufacture of parabolic reflectors integrating 95% of the local raw material ie ARCELOR / MITTAL sheet and BCR.
  • Unit of manufacture of household electrical products.
These four units all have production lines totally managed by a computer system. This has given BYA the ability to create a "Professional Multimedia" department that gives the country the opportunity to benefit, in terms of audio-visual production, from the professional equipment of the world leader in this field, namely Japanese " SONY Professional ". This has allowed BYA to establish itself as one of the best providers nationally and to realize several important markets like:
  • A remote display system covering all the units of the Arzew industrial area (40 km of optical fiber) on behalf of SONATRACH
  • An audio-visual production studio on behalf of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
  • A tele-display system at the SH-AVAL Oran headquarters.
  • Studio equipment for SAT Info.
  • Equipment for the DGSN.
  • The equipment of almost 70% of the private agencies of communication in audio-visual material.